пятница, 11 мая 2018 г.

Wife and husband joke )

For a long time the meaning of this proverb "Husband and wife - one Satan" was of interest. In my childhood, I was always tormented by the question ... well, of course, I was taught that Satan is the devil ... only the devil is he, that is, the masculine gender, and the proverb clearly speaks of the satan of the feminine gender. So I thought that for a couple of devils like that?

On the Internet there are many references to the interpretation of the proverb and the most contentious word. Yes, only to consider "Satan" as a Hebrew word, signifying the enemy, is the same as considering it as the devil. The opponent's word is also masculine. And against whom then is the family struggling? Against each other? Well, write, against other people. But why should a husband and wife be against all others? A family is a unit of society, not a militant group.

Has found meaning in Sanskrit: Sah - eternity, divinity, That - life, On - death. Ma also refers to them - the rebirth. But in the proverb either it was not provided, or it was lost. I'm inclined to the second option. But you probably will say that ma is a word of the middle kind? I think this is more of a translation. For example, if you look at the word mother - it is in Russian of a feminine gender, and the ending "a" speaks more about a woman's gender.
Summarizing the above, you can translate the proverb as "husband and wife - one eternity, one life, one death." Indeed, it sounds more logical than the enemy or the devil?

In fact, I think you should not cling to words literally.
It's too primitive and stupid!
The main thing is the context!

So, I do not know how many people here are engaged in self-development, but the world is our mirror. Those. all the people around mirror us.

If you are enraged by a person, some quality in it - look at yourself, most likely you have this quality!
As soon as you change it in yourself, other people also change. Verified personally!
So, back to husbands and wives.

If this is taken into account (mirroring), then the husband and wife mirror each other.
And Satan is here if you interpret punishment as punishment, it's in the fact that you are shown to yourself (as a rule, we notice what's not like, irritates, enrages) in a close person (this is the simplest way). And we begin to "fight" with the spouse.

Although in reality we are at war with ourselves!
Those. husband for wife (and vice versa) as an object for self-analysis.
And not like the devil in the truest sense of the word.