суббота, 12 мая 2018 г.

The mouth of the child speaks truth )

curious child

why turning grey

mother tried

every bad action

replied innocently

only grey hairs on her head
There are people who are graying beautifully. Alas, I do not belong to them. In twenty with a tail I had a "white spot" with a forehead, and I just got tired of answering the familiar and unfamiliar "it's my hair" in response to the thoughtful reports that I "stained my head with chalk," or "plaster was poured over me" . Surrendered and began to paint. I was looking for the right color for a long time, and then I read from one stylist that the most suitable (in his opinion) is the one that was at five. Since then I have been walking with a blonde.
That's how it manifests itself - the pressure of society (here you could put a smiley face, but I will not). And now society seems to be giving back - gray hair is coming into fashion. Older ladies do not paint gray hair, and young, on the contrary, are painted in gray paint. This wild fashion (I mean painting) will probably pass, and now it is more useful - it helps the eye get used to and cease to associate gray hair solely with old age and ungrace.
It should be noted that men were allowed to sit without disguise before, but for women this permission comes only now.

Eh, I have not yet its "gray history", because gray hair has not yet been seen. :)Probably, I'm my grandmother, my father's mother, it's like this: she lived to the age of 90 and kept the chestnut braid, only the individual gray hairs sparkled.

My younger sister is almost entirely gray, but beautifully painted, feathers. And her mother's gray hair goes, she's all torn to paint, but we stop her, showing her the same age with gray hair, looking like a bald spot, on dyed hair. Her lush, beautiful gray hair looks just fine.

In my opinion, the gray hair on the young girls looks ridiculous, and for those who are already "time" - it's beautiful.

Has ceased to be painted in 30 years (the first gray hair have appeared years in 16-18). Since then, very pleased - everything was in the cash register and in harmony. It turned out a cool-unusual overall shade. In the presence of blue eyes and love for blue, black and gray, we are perfectly combined with gray hair :) It is interesting that over the past 10 years of observations of his own head, it is noticeable that sometimes the hair itself darkens, sometimes it gets light - some of their processes flow there .  

But in the barber's shop they are admired, they say that it is very regular gray. On the yupik picture of last summer. In the onset, the hair was dark-dark-brown in golden sunshine. Now the general feeling is light ashy.