понедельник, 14 мая 2018 г.

Summer is a little life )

I arrive in admiration.

For me, a person who knows how to draw is just awe :-)
Really. I've always seen pictures in my mind, and I started drawing - well, it's not given and that's it.

It is interesting that you have a different technique in the pictures. The music on the lunar path, the beast and the girl with the serpent are drawn, as if by three different people. And not a child's vision of the world and its display. The biology cabinet is good, even a spinning chair (I do not remember these in my school years :-(

In general, children's drawings have an inexpressible and genuine energy. Sincere and strong.

Well you! Thank you! :-) As I wrote above, knowing a few tricks, it's not so difficult to draw.
The technique is different because the colors are different. The moon track is made with gouache (and this was one of the first experiments with these colors), a kite is a watercolor. A "zverdom" painted with markers and colored pencils on very thin paper. But in general, yes, I noticed that from time to time both the technique and the manner of drawing changed on their own. As if some stages were being worked out independently of me ...

It has long been known that drawing can tell a lot about a person, both about an adult, and about a small one. Drawing techniques became very popular in the 60-70's and remain one of the "favorite" tests of modern psychologists.

 One such test is the "Family Drawing". The methodology is aimed at identifying emotional problems, difficulties in family relationships, which the child does not want or can not, can not say. The picture of the family reflects, in the first place, the experience and perception of the child's place in the family, the attitude to the family as a whole and to its individual members.

 Of course, for an exhaustive and competent interpretation of the picture you need to seriously study. There are various variants of the methodology, providing slightly different instructions and expanding the range of interpretations depicted.

 However, any parent can draw useful information for himself if he carefully considers the creation of the baby.
About the chair - that's when I did not remember at school either. :-( Years through 5-6 were already exactly. But it was such a dentist, which gave a ride. :-)

While the child is drawing, do not rush it and do not bother. If you or someone from the family will "help" the baby with something to draw, give advice or add to the drawing of the baby, then the truthful reflection will not work.

 Carefully follow the order in which people and objects are drawn. The most significant character is first. Listen to the spontaneous comments of the child, in the future they will help to interpret the picture.