четверг, 10 мая 2018 г.

Children are paint a art picture

OFMC Grodno

autumn in town

incredible town

on the water

cats on the roof

a russian traditions

Young artist clever! Beautifully painted!)
It is interesting that children in different countries draw differently ...

What a cute event!

I do not know at all by what principle they are taught ISE, explain something from the theory. But schoolchildren regularly go on various excursions and then draw "on motives". Well, general themes: school life, home, family, vacation ...

We had an exhibition of paintings in ISH on Friday! Invited all parents, the sponsors rolled out the wine, cheese, all on the present-;)) parents went clinking their tongues. the best pictures were claimed for a "silent auction". The most expensive picture is 7500 en.
At us the school too initial, but absolutely other plan of a picture! I only have my photo on the phone, if you want, give me your mail and I'll send it.

I love children's drawings: no blinkers of perception, desire to impress with their technique and originality of thought. Simply, through the leaf and paint the child expresses himself - that's all. And in these children's works more truly artistic, than in the bronze of a venerable Moscow artist with a Georgian surname.

Excellent exhibition! And the artist is a fine fellow :))
Of the other fish, the hedgehog liked it, a giraffe and a dog with a bone. The dog is clearly being harassed, that the bone interferes with dealing with the cat :))
A lobster (?) Generally out of competition - a big, bright and beautiful :))

Lovely works - so different and similar at the same time!)))
Sumi-e - this is magical!)))
In general, there are straightforward masterpieces, but it seems to me that all the works are very good, just very much!)))
Joyful exhibition, thanks, Zhenya!)))

So many wonderful works! At the beauty of a very spiritual drawing turned out. :)
The guys are "chemists" at 17, giraffe, lobster - stunning! Smiling dog at 36, boys with weights at 37 - you will not list all. :))
A great event.

How I liked the picture with sumi-e! But our girl is beyond competition !!! Well done!
The exhibition is charming, colorful and, oddly enough, varied! Even on the same topic, the guys drew a lot of pictures. Just a holiday of bright colors!

A wonderful exhibition! Your girlfriend did a very good job,
and the composition competently, and in color, good luck to her! And you a tremendous thank you for this show, because it's so interesting to compare the drawings of children in different countries, I notice very much in common :)

Honestly, I do not know about the question. Statistics such did not come across. Purely from observations of school life - they sing and draw everything. But differently :) At the same time, the approach of teachers and parents is fundamentally different from ours. We are very fond of sharing talents and bezdarey. Here praise everyone. Who wants to go beyond the rest - as much as necessary. And in schools there are "clubs" (such as our circles), and you can separately engage in a private way. No one is driven only because "there is no rumor". Apparently, even if it was really small initially, it does develop. If a child is encouraged to develop it (which, by the way, is a scientific fact, somewhere an article on this topic came across).

And then someone came to this post with a certain say: "It's just awkward to look at this daub, why it is customary to praise it?" And some of my friends, including including painting with older beginners, says that her students abandoned drawing at school, because they were told that none of them would work out anyway.